Blog Topic Tricks for On-site SEO

Running out of ideas for your content? We have your back. We understand that thinking of relevant topics can be tiring especially when you’ve been writing about the same SEO content for a while now. Here we share our tips and tricks on how you can find inspiration for your blog topics.

7 Tricks to Choosing the Right Topics

1. Look at your competitor’s blogs.

There’s nothing wrong with looking at your competitor’s work. Think of it as benchmarking and looking for best practices. If you’re running out of ideas, then your competitor might be doing something you haven’t done before. But be cautious – just because your competitor is doing it doesn’t mean that you should, too.

How do you decipher which content to imitate? Take note, we only aim to imitate and not copy the content. When looking at your competitor’s blogs, see what works and those that have a lot of engagement if possible. You can also use an online tool that looks for your competitors and looks at their SEO rankings so you know which competitor to look at.

2. Identify the most successful content you’ve written.

You don’t have to look far to find ideas for your new blog post. By just identifying which content you’ve published that have become successful, you can already know what similar topics you can write about.

Google Analytics is a good tool for identifying content that has the highest click-through rate, conversion rate, and the lowest bounce rate. It also tracks which content did poorly in terms of performance. Knowing these things will give you an idea of what topics your audience wants to read about.

3. Know what’s being talked about in your industry.

Looking for topics is a lot easier these days with online tools acting as search engines. Tools like Topic Explorer and SEMRush Topic Research are some of the most popular tools to find relevant content that your audience will love. These tools let you type a certain topic and a list of relevant content will show. You can pick from a lot of topics being talked about in your industry through these tools.

4. Make a list of long-tail keywords.

Going back to basics is a great way to uncover other topics that you might have missed the first time. What we recommend is instead of writing short keywords, write long-tail keywords. Examples would be “antique mahogany table”, “dry-fit sports shirt”, and “boutique hotels with free breakfast”.

Long-tail keywords help you uncover other ideas that people would be searching for. Of course, it would be wise to use tools that help you think about other broad keywords that are related to your business. AdWords is a good tool for knowing other keywords related to a single keyword.

5. Ask your target audience.

In this day and age, asking your target audience doesn’t make you look clueless. On the contrary, it makes you look engaging and relevant.

You can ask your audience in a subtler way if posting about it on your social media account is too public for you. If you know someone personally who follows your business or fits your target audience, ask about what he/she wants to learn or read about.

6. Look for “How-To” Questions

Twitter is a great place to look for answers simply because a lot of tweets are categorized in hashtags. You can search “#howto” hashtags and this will show you what other people are asking. You might even come across articles that talk about those how-to’s. You can also use hashtags of your keywords to search for content that people are sharing.

7. Identify the pain points you want to solve.

Again, when you have no more blog ideas, there’s nothing wrong with going back to your roots or consult with a Houston SEO agency for lawyers. We recommend our clients to go back to the reason why they have a business and ask what problems of their audience they want to answer. That way, they remember the core topics that revolve around those problems. You can start by asking why you built your business in the first place and branch out on the questions your audience has about your main service or product.

Thinking about content is difficult especially when you’ve written so many posts already. Fortunately, there are many of ways to find new inspiration.

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