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XXL Mag - Trae Tha Truth To Relaunch His Animated Series On 420TV

Hip-hop has got lots of characters but not enough cartoons. Yet, Trae tha Truth is carrying on a long tradition of animated rappers—from André's Class of 3000 to Kid 'N' Play's eponymous series in 1990. The Houston rapper's self-titled 'toonwhich follows the 'hood hijinks of his friends, family and celebrity guests, is set to return at the top of this summer and will be bigger than ever.

The series—which has already clocked 30 episodes—will premiere 10 new shorts on 420TV, a new cannabis-centric video on-demand channel, set to launch online and on mobile apps early this year. The hilarious cartoon started in 2012, quickly picking up views and gaining popularity streaming online under the shortened title Trae.

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